5th Grade

a day ago

Start of year objectives

Gain familiarity with systems used for learning with a goal of independence.

Keyboarding goal-25 words per minute on typing club using correct hand positions. 

By Nathan Ashley

1st grade

a day ago

Digital Citizenship - Staying Safe Online


Students will be able to …

  • Use logins and passwords for computer, Lexia, Renaissance 

  • understand that being safe when they visit websites is similar to staying safe in real life.

  • learn to recognize websites that are good for them to visit.

  • recognize if they should ask an adult they trust before they visit a particular website.


a day ago

Students will be introduced to using the mouse and keyboard along with learning the parts of the computer.

Students will be introduced to passwords and logins.

Kindergarten students will be able to:  

  • become familiar with pushing keys on the keyboard
  • name the parts of the computer. ( mouse pad, keyboard, monitor, headphones)
  • use the touch screen or touchpad (trackpad) to click and click and drag.